CompSec Direct Executive Team with a a Kleared4 Edge unit. Picture taken by R. Fernandez.

We were interviewed in 2021 by El Nuevo Día, a local newspaper in Puerto Rico. Some the of the issues we have mentioned are starting to take impact on how businesses mature operations by making investments into staffing. .

As a small cybersecurity focused business, it’s important to help reporters and other news outlets by providing factual and actionable information for others to know about. 

Often, we see some of the same talking points across experts solicited for quotes in the press. These are generally “safe opinions”; either based on best practices or collective experience within our industry. Education is perhaps the best weapon against ignorance and yet how do we persuade those who already have polarizing opinions and viewpoints

We have included links to some of the press mentions by this newspaper, which has a very interesting user base that actively participates in the comments section for each article or post. As stewards of a non-bar related profession like cybersecurity, we should always strive to educate those that seek to misinterpret facts with bias and in turn counter those viewpoints with succinct arguments.

This does not work for trolls, but it can change the opinion of one or two individuals. Take some time out of your day when you can to help reporters and other members of the media. It is important for us recommend facts over any personal agenda.