About Us

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CompSec Direct is a C4ISR (Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance) security firm that specializes in Information / Cyber Security. We are a small, veteran owned and a Maryland MBE certified company with an incredible talent pool comprised of former DoD network operators within different sectors of the federal government. The majority of our employees have held a security clearance within the last two years, making them trusted individuals within the intelligence community and private sector. Trusted Individuals is one of our main differentiators compared to other organizations.

CompSec Direct was founded in 2004 in San Juan Puerto Rico. We realized that the IT sector for Computer Security was quickly becoming an emerging market, and public awareness for Computer Security was becoming a growing necessity for all kinds of businesses, from large to small.

We determined that established IT Consultants Corporations in Puerto Rico did not have a technical expertise nor subject matter experience to implement and execute practical, efficient and reliable IT Security solutions for customers, that is when we stepped in.

CompSec Direct expanded to the US in 2009, after conducting a market study and noticing that the IT sector in the US was similar to Puerto Rico.

CompSec Direct believes that 95% of all businesses in the US will be attacked or exploited by IT vulnerabilities this year. Less than 6% of these will publicly disclose they were attacked and lose thousands, if not millions of dollars in Lost Revenue. The other 94% will lose even more money collectively and still face the same issues, leading to loss of client trust and inevitably, greater loss of revenue throughout the years.

CompSec Direct was founded based on the principle that IT security needs have to be addressed before any network is set-up, before any cable is run, before any IT communication takes place, and before your customers information is leaked or stolen. Your existing Infrastructure could lead to your Company being exposed to numerous attacks and vulnerabilities.

CompSec Direct urges you to contact us to discuss your current IT situation and understand your IT needs.
Our talent pool includes CNO individuals with at least 5 years hands on experience in different areas and technologies, such as:

  1. Windows / Linux / Sun penetration and hardening
  2. Cisco / Juniper penetration and hardening
  3. Web application penetration and hardening
  4. Forensic Analysis from Incident Response
  5. Digital Evidence collection
  6. Vulnerability Assessments
  7. Social engineering / Physical Penetration
  8. Security Analyst / SOC Analysts
  9. Deployed operations / RF signal penetration
  10. Network Analysis / Sensor configurations / SIEM deployments
  11. Traffic Analysis and Network penetration

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