We provide Cyber Range-as-a-Service (RaaS) for our government and private sector customers. We have developed a sustainable commercial platform that can immediately augment your staff abilities to:

  • Train
  • Develop
  • Operate

Remote resources on commercial internet without the need of 3rd party software. Our platform called SecureRange allows you to create virtual machines on Amazon Web Services, Azure and VMware and interact with them over any modern web-browser; without having to install a VPN or 3rd party applications. We have created an Eco-system where your organization does not need to invest in purchasing equipment and is able to create simple or complex network designs in minutes. Past-uses of this solution evolved from DoD space into a fully functional commercial range offering with limitless capabilities.

.mil and .gov users can request 30-day trail accounts of our Cyber Range for $0.99. Sign up-here and see why this is such a great solution for unlimited use-cases.