CompSec Direct offers a unique service we call PsyCo Edge. This is our version of Physical Penetration in conjunction with coordinated Social Engineering efforts. Our experienced team of Deployed “breachers” will not only attempt to circumvent physical controls in your organization, but we will do so after using Social Engineering to help our staff be successful in doing so.

The PsyCo Edge program also allows us to run phishing or whaling campaigns against your employees to see how well they retain and implement operational security on a day to day basis.

The campaigns and breach events conducted in PsyCo Edge can be custom fitted to only influence certain strategic entry points based on your security awareness needs. The limit of what we can do with the program is in-depth and extremely well thought out. Many of our competitors attempt to do social engineering as a last minute ditch effort during “failed” penetration tests. We carefully study our approach and get your employees to do what we want them to do… for us.

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