Your company’s reputation, assets, and client information are vulnerable to electronic theft. CompSec Direct estimates that 95% of all Companies in the US will endure some form of Network Attack and information theft during this year. Are you in the 5%? Do you want to find out? Look at last year’s Verizon Data Breach Report. Does the information from victims seem familiar in your organization?

CompSec Direct offers a breach assumed penetration test we call Black SPIN; Systematic Penetration Inside Network. The testing is optimized to save your organization time, resources and money while allowing our team of professionals to work either in conjunction with your staff, or against them, in order to validate current controls and procedures.

Our proven methodology towards Secure Network Infrastructure will allow us to conduct a successful Black SPIN validation against your current network environment. The testing will be limited to the areas you request to be verified. We will not deny your employees and clients network services while conducting our tests unless you explicitly state that is desired during testing.

After conducting our Black SPIN assessment, we will provide your company with a comprehensive report that states the methods used to breach your current security set-up, and provide you with recommendations to prevent similar attacks and vulnerabilities in the future.

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