Our President, @jfersec, had the privilege of Keynote during BSides PR 2019.

During our presentation, we discussed some hard truth’s around:

  • the way DeepFakes and “WeakFakes” are utilized
  • how we are good imitators and bad innovators in Puerto Rico
  • past efforts associated with Accelerated Disclosures for public and private companies in Puerto Rico
  • flaws associated with contract negotiations with the government of Puerto Rico
  • “That time we offered Secure Comms to the Rossello administration
  • The fallout associated with the lack of Secure Comms
  • How we provided initial Incident Response efforts to Hacienda during the 2017 Breach.

Perception is crucial for any organization. In our case, we identified how DeepFakes could be leveraged to simply generate controversy. After showing a video, @jfersec asked participants:

“Who was not offended?”

The problem with DeepFakes is not the quality, nor production value; it’s how people perceive and react to the contents. Think about every shaky camera recording of a politician stating controversial beliefs or ideas. Think about the staggering amount of disinformation available during an era of “Alternative Facts”. We have broken new ground on the limits of acceptable viewpoints across all demographics and populations. Our era is now sullied by the apex of technological advancements where anyone can produce DeepFakes or WeakFakes simply to misrepresent viewpoints and test the limits of free speech protections.

Two days after our presentation, a WeakFake including Mr. Trump’s likeness appeared as part of a campaign fundraiser where the likeness of members of the media and politicians become victims of an onslaught.